Quickstart (Agent Flavour)


This quickstart will guide you through the basic steps to get you started with Sharpsense AI and its Agent:
  1. Create a Project;
  2. Connect a Device via our Agent;
  3. Tell your Project how to read sensors;
  4. Visualize and navigate data;
  5. Choose, train and test an AI;
  6. Deploy your AI and get insights.
DISCLAIMER: this is a very preliminary version! In case of any doubt please contact us at info@sharpsense.ai, your feedback is welcome!

1. Create a Project

To connect your devices to our Cloud, you first need to create a Project, then you can either install our Agent or use the APIs.

To create a Project, click on "New Project" in the menu on the right. You will have to pick a name, the management interval (the time in seconds between checking for management commands and updates), and the worker interval (the time in seconds between calling the worker task to read your sensors). If you plan to connect your Devices by using the APIs then you can ignore the management interval, but if you will not be calling the API for sending data every "worker interval"" seconds then it will be declared as offline.

After your Project is created, click on "List Projects" on the menu on the right and and note down the Project ID (AID): this is the unique identifier of your Project and will be used to link the Agent or the API calls to this specific Project. You might or might not use it depending on how you chose to send data in the following, but better to save it somewhere handy just in case.

2. Connect a Device via our Agent

You can now connect your first Device.

  • Creating a Simulator allows you to work on a simulated Device that will behave exactly as a real one, except that it will be simulated in our Cloud; and that you can even attach a demo sensor, so that you can skip all the configuration hassle and start playing with our platform immediately. Click "New Device" in the menu on the right and then choose "Create New Simulator".
  • Connecting a real Device requires a bit more effort. You can either choose to install our Agent (raccomanded) or to use the APIs. If you want to install our Agent, you can download it in our Downloads section, and read more about how to configure it in the Documentation. If you choose to use the APIs you need to manually register the device first, by clicking on "New Device" in the menu on the right and then choosing "Register New Device". Then, read the Documentation about how to use them.

After following one of the two above steps connecting your devices, you should now see your Device appearing in the Device dashboard (either under your Project or under "List Devices") and you are ready to move to the next step.

3. Tell the Project how to read sensors

If you do not plan to use the APIs, but instead you want to take advantage of our full platform and install our Agent on your Devices, or you are using a SImulator, then it's time to add some logic to your Project.

Click on your Project and then on "Code Editor". This is the code that will be sent and executed by the Agent on your Devices (including the Simulator). As you can see it is Python code, and both the "__init__" and the "call" methods of the "worker_task" class do nothing. not implemented. For now, just comment out the "raises" and uncomment the "pass" and the "return", which will just send a fixed (demo) value.

4. Visualize and navigate data

5. Choose, train and test an AI

GIF + Look at the demo

6. Deploy your AI and get insights


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