What we do

We let you to easily adopt A.I. to help you focus on what your sensors are saying, and not on trying to find out what they are hiding.

Clean your data and reconstruct missing values

Use our cutting edge models for your analyses

Easily extract meaningful and actionable insights

Predict critical events way in advance

Take full advantage from the IoT revolution!

Why we are doing it

A.I. is revolutionising consumer goods and digital media, but for those who work in some of the world's most important sectors it is still inaccessible.

We find it outrageous, and we deeply believe that time has come to make a change.

Read more about our mission.

How it works

1) Get AI-ready

Upload your CSV files, use the APIs or install our IoT Agent on your devices. We will properly store, clean and align the data, making it ready for AI.

2) Create your AI

Choose from several types of AIs based on your use-case. Use our pre-trained models or easily train them yourself.

No AI coding required!

3) Get insights

Deploy your AIs and get insights, in real time or on historical data. Use them to get notifications, generate reports or even as engine for your applications!

Live Demo

Discover how you can start creating your own AIs in just 2 minutes!
Try yourself - it really takes just few clicks! Or watch our demo video.

Use cases

Civil and structural Engineering

Structural and infrastructural health monitoring, to understand how the deterioration of the different parts of a structure will affect its behaviour.

Applies to:

  - Bridges
  - Tunnels
  - Dams
  - Pipelines

Environmental Engineering

Continuous in-filed monitoring to keep everything under control, classify known events and prevent dangerous ones.

Applies to:

  - Air quality
  - Sewers
  - Water mains
  - Reservoirs
  - Soil monitoring

Mechanical Engineering

Advanced real time analyses to understand the physical dynamics, capture patterns and optimize operations.

Applies to:

  - Heavy machinery
  - Industrial machinery
  - Marine systems
  - Engines
  - Turbines


Sharpsense Platform

Our platform provides access to analyses, insights and reports all powered by A.I.

Sharpsense Engine

Already have a platform? Integrate with our engine to add Sharpsense capabilities.



For testing and prototyping or personal projects

  - Up to 10 sensors
  - Up to 1GB data
  - Best effort support

 Quickly upload your data
 IoT agent for your devices
 Your AIs in real time
 Deep AIs training
 APIs for your applications
 Custom AIs
 On premises installation


Get started in few minutes!


A comprehensive solution for SMEs and consultancies

  - Unlimited sensors
  - Unlimited data
  - Priority support

 Quickly upload your data
 IoT agent for your devices
 Your AIs in real time
 Deep AIs training
 APIs for your applications
 Custom AIs
 On premises installation

$ 3.99 / sensor / month

Volume discounts available.


For enterprises and system integrators or SMEs with complex use cases

  - Unlimited sensors
  - Unlimited data
  - Dedicated support

 Quickly upload your data
 IoT agent for your devices
 Your AIs in real time
 Deep AIs training
 APIs for your applications
 Custom AIs
 On premises installation

Starting at  $ 5000

First year of service included.

About us

At Sharpsense, we are on a mission to make Artificial Intelligence easily accessible to developers and engineers working with sensors, with the ultimate goal of protecting our environment, infrastructures and natural resources.

With A.I. revolutionising consumer goods and digital media, we find it outrageous that some of the world's most important sectors are not making the most of it yet.

We want to change this.

This is why we are building a coding-free platform allowing developers and engineers to adopt Artificial Intelligence easily and employ it on real-world, highly valuable use cases like monitoring bridges, dams, heavy machinery, air quality and such like.

Our technology enables real-time, next-generation early warning and continuous monitoring systems which take full advantage from both the A.I. and IoT latest developments.

Sharpsense's platform is built with passion by former employees of CERN, Lamborghini and Wärtsilä, and we are proudly supported by the world-class startup accelerator Zeroth.AI and by leading cloud service providers.

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